Thermal Receipt Roll 80MMx60MMx12MM Extra White With Core
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*Minimal Dust

*Extra White

Thermal Receipt Roll 80MMx60MMx12MM Extra White With Core

-High quality
-High Darkness

Local Manufecturer Thermal Paper.
This is local manufacturer thermal paper, we have high turnover for thermal paper, therefore our thermal papers are always new and fresh. Stored in our inventory no more than 3 month, and paper quality does not fade when you store for another 1 - 2 years.

A direct thermal printer uses its printhead to heat special, chemically treated, label stock. The print is created when parts of the label stock darken in response to the heat. Direct thermal printing is an inexpensive way to print labels that are for temporary use. For labels that need to last longer than 6 months, a thermal transfer printer will work better.

- does not require ink or ribbon
- less expensive printer, High Speed, Low Cost
- Reliability, Durability, Print Quality
- Silent Operation

- labels yellow or fade over time
- labels susceptible to damage by water, strong sunlight, or other harsh conditions
- printhead may wear out faster due friction of direct contact with printed material
- not capable of printing fine barcodes, small text, or high quality images
- can only print black on white

Storage Recommendation
Shelf-life 1 - 3 years, depend how you store it.
Avoid direct sunlight, or any source of lighting. (Store in any box)
Avoid high temperature, store at cool, dark room anywhere between 25 celcius.

Product Detail Detail
- 10roll / Pack
- 100 roll / Carton (10 Pack)

*Note: We are registered SSM Company, will provide hard copy invoice attached together with goods. Do not need additional request unless you need a soft copy.

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10x Receipt Roll 80mmx60mmx12mm