AutoCount Special Module
AutoCount Special Module
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  • Activate the Option
  • Assign Access Rights
  • View Activity Stream
  • Add AR Invoice with Foreign Currency
  • Foreign Currency Revaluation
  • Subsequent Revaluation
  • Item Brand Maintenance
  • Item Category Maintenance
  • Item Class Maintenance
  • To produce cash flow forecast report based on cash balance, receivables, expenses and payables
  • Filter options: Starting Date, No. of column, Frequency
  • Maintain Adjustment, Maintain Expenses, Maintain AR/AP Forecast due to date
  • Preview cash flow forecast report
  • Create Sales consignment
  • Preview consignment note
  • Stock balance quantity after consignment
  • Create invoice on the sales of consignment items
  • Returned and loss items
  • Consignment outstanding reports
  • Inventory physical worksheet by consignment
  • User setting and document control by agent
  • The effects on transaction
  • Apply filter by agent in lookup editor
  • FOC Quantity column during transaction
  • Report designer to display FOC Quantity
  • FOC Quantity as a transaction row
  • Default FOC Quantity setting
  • FOC Quantity analysis by document report
  • Create item with batch number & maintain opening balance
  • Manufactured date, Expiry date, and last sales date
  • Editing batch details, change of batch number
  • Purchase and sales of items with batch number
  • Batch number transaction inquiry
  • Expiry item batch listing report
  • Stock card report with batch numbers
  • Compare item package with item assembly
  • Item package maintenance
  • Purchase and sales of item package
  • Document showing component items and user UOM
  • Item package transaction inquiry
  • Setting of landing cost calculation method
  • Pro-rated by sub-total
  • Pro-rated by stock item weight/volume
  • Landing cost in purchase transaction
  • Duty rate and duty charge
  • Create new price rules
  • Various combination of rules criteria
  • Rules option (assign weight level)
  • Create new Price Book matrix
  • Pricing policy in AutoCount Accounting
  • Auto Price setting
  • Location Maintenace
  • Default Location setting
  • Ignore Location in costing calculation
  • Stock item opening balance by location
  • Assign location during transaction
  • Sales location vs Stock location
  • Stock transfer
  • Stock reports by location
  • Define filtering options and document options
  • Select data area options
  • Field available to construct your own analysis reports
  • Drag and drop fields onto rows/columns area
  • Set sorting and top value count
  • Export and Layout Menus
  • Multi-level item BOM maintenance
  • Multi-level stock assembly
  • Child item and BOM optional in multi-level assembly
  • Raw material status
  • Set Recurrence for Transaction
  • Debtor setting on credit control with password
  • Access rights setting on Remote Credit control
  • Credit limit violation: requester's screen
  • Manager's screen: reject and approve
  • Effects of manager's decision on requester's screen
  • General Introduction to Sales module
  • Document transfer
  • Document modification
  • Posting option
  • Quotation and automatic Approve Quotation
  • Sales Order, SO Transfer by Value to Invoice, Cancel SO
  • Delivery Order and Delivery Return
  • Invoice, DN and CN
  • Cash Sale, Mini POS style, Multiple payment modes
  • Sales Reports
  • Purchase Request Processing
  • Goods Received
  • Request for Delivery
  • Delivery Request Processing
  • Maintain Item with Serial Number
  • Maintain Opening Balance for Items with Serial No.
  • Purchase of Item with Serial Number
  • Sale of Item with Serial Number
  • Available Serial Number Inquiry
  • Serial Number Transaction Inquiry
  • Serial Number Stock Card Report
  • Serial Number Stock Balance Report
  • Serial Number Invoice Listing
  • Serial Number Quantity Not Match Inquiry
  • Negative Serial Number Quanitity Inquiry
  • Method 1: Foreign Currency Revaluation
  • Auto-generate Journal Entries of unrealized Gain/Loss
  • Effects on subsequent revaluation
  • Method 2: Unrealized Gain/Loss
  • Reverse of Journal Entry
  • Effects on subsequent revaluation
  • Use of re-post Sales, Purchase, Stock transaction
  • Stock card in multi-UOM
  • Stock UOM Conversion
  • Auto UOM Conversion
  • Item Setting of Automatic UOM Conversion
  • Create item with Multi UOM
  • Sales UOM, Purchase UOM, and Report UOM
  • Transaction in Multi UOM
  • Stock card report and default report UOM
  • Automatic calculate Bonus Point
  • Bonus Point Redemption
  • Based on item quantity, subtotal or invoice total
  • Setting in Item Maintenance: calculate, redeem and awwarding Bonus Point
  • Bonus Point in sales document
  • Bonus Point transaction listing report
  • Bonus Point account maintenance