Autocount Accounting Version

This version of AutoCount Accounting will upgrade your database version to 2.1.14.

Bug Fixes:

2106 Fix Ledger (Descriptive) report showing inappropriate description for Refund transactions.
2763 Fix Find function not working for Sales & Purchase transactions with empty detail item and zero amount.
2877 Fix Project / Department Profit Margin Report Incorrect Header Caption.
2878 Fix unable to change account number if account used in Fixed Asset Disposal.
2925 Fix unable to Edit Service Tax Cash Sale with Cash / Credit Card / Multi Payment & Invoice with New Payment after run SST Processor.
2934 Fix Credit Note in Foreign currency that not transferred from Invoice Unit Cost getting smaller when Edit the Credit Note and perform Recalculate Stock Costing.
2969 Fix Purchase Credit Control Form DPI Issue
2992 Fix Stock Card (Mix Location and Batch No.) report showing incorrect Balance Qty (FIFO & LIFO) 2998 Fix error when Inquiry Debtor / Creditor Statement (with Group Company).
3016 Fix column “FromDocType” and “FromDocNo” not updated when use Automatic Stock UOM Conversion.

1340 Enhance Import Debtor & Creditor from Excel to auto caps (uppercase) Debtor and Creditor Code.
1515 Enhance Manage Notification Message to have “Check All” & “Un-check All” button.
1868 Extend Multi-Pricing caption length.
2694 Optimize system start-up performance.
2718 Add Year End Closing Record into Audit Trail.
2968 Enhance SST Function
- Add New Input Tax Code for SST – “IMSV-6”
- Add New Output Tax Code for SST – “ESV-6”, “SVI-6”
- Add Imported Service Function for SST
- Add Exempted Taxable Service for Invoice (SST)
- Unlock Accounting Basis Column for New Govt Tax Code
- Update Tax Code Mapping for SST-02 3006 Add SST-02A report for non-service tax registered person.
2776 Add new access right Edit Stock Value Maintenance.

AutoCount Server ( 
2700 Schedule Backup to support POS Database