AutoCount Version

Bugs Fixed:

1. Fix Monthly Sales Analysis extra deduct discount with tax amount if using inclusive tax.
2. Fix error message “Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row” when trying to edit and transfer from Stock Assembly Order to Stock Assembly.
3. Fix unable to change document date when edit Stock Transfer with new item.
4. Fix closing stock account number do not follow sorting sequence in Profit & Loss Report.
5. Fix “Can’t delete detail record which has knocked off amount” when edit and save Credit Note / Purchase Return if being knocked off by AR Refund / AP Refund.
6. Fix Credit Limit calculation did not consider detail level “Can Transfer” column.
7. Fix Bonus Point Transaction Listing Report unable to drill down to Redemption source document.
8. Fix Bonus Point Redemption having same GUID when using copy function to create new transaction. (This will cause the Bonus Point Transaction Listing Report to show inaccurate results) Enhancement

1. Add option to filter out Forecast record which is 0 in Cash Flow Forecast Report.
2. Enhance Real Cost to consider tax amount if tax code used on the item has enable the attribute “Add to Cost”.