AutoCount V2 Module: Scripting
Price RM636.00
Brand AutoCount
Availability 10


This module allows you to maintain and add in your own scripting for on screen customizations. To enable this, go to Tools > Program Control > Module Setting, check the checkbox of Scripting.

To use this feature, you must access to AutoCount Accounting Management Studio. Go to Start > All Programs > AutoCount Accounting 2.0 > AutoCount Accounting Management Studio 2.0.


What it is for?

This module allows application scripting that were created in AutoCount Accounting Management Studio to run in AutoCount Accounting. Scripting can be exported from one account book and import to another account book. Go to Tools > Import/Export User Defined Field, Scripting and Formula.


Key Features

  • Provides flexibility and expandability for programmers to enhance application's (AutoCount Accounting) calculation, accessible, layout and etc. at runtime


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